The Metro Fellows is a leadership program for recent college graduates who desire to start their postgraduate life well.



The Metro Fellows Program is designed to help young graduates learn to live integrated lives.  

The program runs September – early June and is sponsored by a consortium of  Anglican churches in the Northern Virginia/ metropolitan Washington DC area including Christ Church ViennaChurch of the Ascension and Truro Anglican Church.

Metro Fellows are equipped with the intellectual tools, spiritual habits, character development, community and network to run the race well:  to envision and plan for a career with meaning and purpose for the greater good of our workplace and culture, for Christ and His Kingdom.

Fellows live with a host family, participate in spiritual formation and biblical studies, work in a job related to their fields of interest, serve in the local church, are paired with a mentor, and build community with one another through social activities, shared meals and community service opportunities.  The program is demanding and requires discipline, commitment, self-direction and good relational skills.

The Metro Fellows Program is currently accepting applications for our class starting in September 2018.  More information on applying can be found here. For best possible job placement, please apply in the Winter of 2018.



The Metro Fellows Program is a partnership between several Anglican churches in the DC Metro area.  The DC Metro is home to over 6 million people, making it one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country.  It is home to dozens of universities, non-profits, and major companies in addition to the US Government, think tanks, and a thriving consulting sector.

The DC Metro is a major tourist destination and is home to our nations finest museums in addition to wonderful parks, restaurants and nightlife.  The DC Metro is centrally located for all sorts of day and weekend adventures as well.  We are two hours from the mountains of Shenandoah National Park, one hour from the Chesapeake Bay, and two hours from the ocean.  New York City, Philadelphia, Amish Country and the Appalachian Trail are some of the amazing places within a few hours of DC.

The DC Metro is also a great place to find a job.  There are thousands of available, interesting jobs for new and recent graduates in every imaginable field, from finance to public policy and everything in between.  Because of this, thousands upon thousands of young adults head to the DC area to get their professional start each year.  It is a fantastic place to network, get great experience, and settle into a career.  While the DC Metro area is one of the more expensive places to live in the US, the opportunity afforded by the Metro Fellows Program to live rent-free with a family for a year while getting professional experience, making friends, and networking is invaluable.